Take the plunge! Your first dive will be unforgettable.

You’ll have one of our instructors exclusively for you.

He/she will prepare your diving equipment, give you all the explanations you need and then take you to dive, dealing for you with the few technical aspects.

All you’ll have to do is enjoy the weightlessness that your diving equipment gives you, let yourself be led to the surface at first and then dive when you decide, and open your eyes… and enjoy the show!

You’ll see, it’s actually easier to breathe through a regulator than through a snorkel. And if, on a previous occasion, you felt a little pain in your ears when you dived, it was only because nobody had explained to you how to balance the pressure.
It’s easy, everyone can do it! You just need to know what to do.

You can make your first dive at the Sanguinaires Islands. This is possible every afternoon. We’ll take you with the boat to a little creek on the main island Mezzu Mare and you’ll make your first bubbles in this magnificent setting.

Alternatively, you can make your first dive just in front of the hotel. This is possible all day, even at lunchtime if your holiday timetable is busy! The turquoise waters are crystal-clear, the sand is white, and countless rockfishes will accompany you all your underwater expedition long.

And no medical certificate is required! You simply need to be in good health. Il you have the slightest doubt, talk to your family doctor.
So! Let’s go ?

Just one think to note: for children, the minimum age is 8.