You want to share and pass on your passion?

You want to help others discover the treasures of beauty and diversity hidden under the sea?

You want to introduce diving students to the various techniques of scuba-diving?

Don’t hesitate!

Take the step. It will be a challenging and rewarding experience, which will allow you to be part of the development of diving.


The training for 1st degree federal instructor is for 4-level qualified divers (french divemaster) with federal RIFAP accreditation. It takes place in four stages.

The initial course, which lasts 6 days, allows you to learn the basics of teaching and gives you several tools which you will need for your teaching internship.

The teaching internship takes place in a training centre approved by the french underwater federation. You must complete at least 80 sessions (theoretical and practical) under the supervision of a master trainer (MF2, BEES2 or DESJEPS).

The final stage, which lasts 5 days, allows you to finalise your preparation for the the examination tests.

The examination, immediatly following the final stage, takes place over one or two days depending on the number of candidates.


Under a training contract established with the Corsica CTR (regional technical committee), we welcome you for a teaching internship for a minimal duration of two consecutive weeks.

You will have the opportunity to participate  in different programmes, from discover scuba diving to at least level-1 and level-2 courses, in other words the basics of learning to be an instructor.

If you wish, we can advise a partner training centre to complete your initial and eventually your final course.