We offer training programmes issued by the french diving school or the PADI (professional association of diving instructors) system.

For the french diving school programmes, you can choose between an ANMP certification card (ANMP for national organization of diving instructors), or a FFESSM one (FFESSM for french federation of studies and underwatersports).

For the FFESSM certification card, a federal licence is required. We can of course issue one if necessary.

The FFESSM certification allows you to obtain the double-sided CMAS (world confederation for sub-aquatic activity) card, which will ensure your diver’s certification is world-wide recognised.

For the French diving school programmes, you need a medical certificate (issued by your family doctor) that confirms no medical reason why you should not practise scuba-diving.

For the PADI programmes, the medical certificate has to be filled out in a specific way.

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No stress, you can plan your theory and practical stages around your timetable; our team will help you do this.