Diver certification card

Remember to bring your certification card with you, whether it’s French or from elsewhere, recent or ancient. That way we can ensure that we organise the most appropriate activity for you, making sure that you dive safely within the limitations of your current level.

Lost your card? Try and get a duplicate before you arrive, it makes things easier. If not, we can try and find your certification in the databases to which we have access: ANMP, FFESSM, PADI.


If you’ve got a logbook, remember to bring it. You’ll be able to get some stamps for it and it will speed up the first meeting with our team.

Medical certificate

Except for discover scuba diving, for your safety, whatever your age, your diving or training level, we will require a certificate stating that you have no medical conditions which should preclude scuba diving. This should be obtainable from your family doctor.

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If you haven’t been able to get a certificate before arriving, or if you want a second opinion, we can give you the details of Dr Gilles Testou, a doctor specialising in sports and recognised by the french underwater federation (FFESSM). We can also help you arrange an appointment.

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French underwater federation licence

In a professional centre, the federal licence (FFESSM) isn’t required for divers already certified.

However, if you wish, we are of course able to deliver one to you.