Our boats

The centre has two 7.5m BWA boats, each taking 15 divers and equipped with 200hp or 225hp outboard motors.

Each boat has two side ladders at the rear, allowing you to reboard with your diving set in your back if you wish.

You can thus reach our different diving sites in considerable comfort!

Filling station and tanks

With our filling station, we offer you air or EANx tanks.

We offer 12-litre or 15-litre tanks, with one or two valves. We also offer 6-litre or 10-litre tanks for children or teenagers.

For EANx certified divers, we offer 12-litre or 15-litre tanks, filled with a mixture containing up to 40% oxygen.

For Advanced EANx certified divers, we offer 6-litre deco stage bottles filled to 100bar with 75% oxygen.

Diving equipment

For our rental equipment, we’ve chosen various brands according to their comfort and reliability.

So, for diving suits,  we mainly offer CRESSI wetsuits, the Diver model in 7mm or 5mm and the Morea in 3mm. The shorties are Rover, MARES in 3mm.

BCD  are Rover MARES.

All the equipment is available from very small (children from age 8) to the largest size (for stronger divers).

The regulators are MARES, Rover 2S for dives down to 40m, Abyss 22X thereafter. All our regulators have alternate air source (octopus).

The computers are MARES Puck Pro+, and the torches BERSUB B-one.