Corsica, the “Island of Beauty”, in ancient Greek “Kalliste” or  Καλλίστη, meaning the Most Beautiful, is undeniably one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the whole of the Mediterranean.

Among its many advantages are well-preserved flora and fauna, perfect weather and water temperature.

Corsica is also, of course, a fantastic destination of all nature-lovers.

Many people have heard of the long-distance walking path “GR20”. But outside this famous route, many little paths quickly take you to magnificent sites, whether maritime or inland.

You’ll become intoxicated by the scents of the “maquis”, self-heal, rock-roses, juniper, myrtle, thyme, holm oak, olive trees, strawberry trees…

So you can vary your diving holiday with other activities, in close proximity to Ajaccio, from walking and climbing to assault courses and canyoning, or simply lazing on the beach…

And we even suggest some ideas!

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