Situated on the rocky west coast of the island, the Gulf of Ajaccio is the only gulf of Corsica that faces south-west.

With the extension of the Sanguinaires Islands at the northern end, it is protected from the prevailing north-westerly winds, and this means that we can dive virtually all year round, even on those rare days when the weather doesn’t look so good.

And that’s a great advantage when you have to plan your holidays weeks or months in advance!


The granite that’s found throughout the west coast of the island creates amazing underwater architecture.

Thus, each diving site has its own character, with fascinating curiosities, drops, overhangs, shelves, little caves…

You’ll discover a flora and fauna that has stayed wild. The groupers are wary, the hunting dentex will ignore you completely, the lazy barracudas will allow you to get close, and round the next rock you might see moray eels, umbers or nudibranches.